Bryan Lee O’Malley at the Beguiling

Today Dan and I made plans to go see Bryan Lee O’Malley at the Beguiling because he was doing a free autograph session. 

While in line we actually ended up chatting to two interesting individuals. Rocco who is an artist for a gaming company and Edlyn who is an animation/art student at Sheraton. (The individuals to the very right of the above photo)

Rocco was actually sketching a bunch of people in line and ended up drawing a caricature of Dan and I.

I enjoy how he accurately represented my ridiculously thick hair and included all the ruffle details on my dress! And here is Rocco himself with the drawing and my parasol:

I ended up buying the “Capcom” poster being sold at the Beguiling for BLO’M to sign for me. I was able to bring it home safely so I’m happy with that. The hard part now is trying to decide where I want to put it!

Oh and I was able to grab a picture with the artist himself and that was pretty awesome.